Conference Attendee Guidance



Here are a few guidelines for how to make the most of the conference experience over the next few days, while honoring the time you’ve set aside to participate and respecting your fellow participants, the speakers and the Value Of a Veteran conference host team.


We’ve long had a reputation for starting and ending our webinars, training and in-person conferences on time (it’s a military thing). This year, even though we’re 100% virtual, will be no different! Please respect your fellow attendees and speakers by “being seated” and logged into the dashboard prior to the start of each session.


Our team has built an online dashboard, which is your “home base” for your entire conference experience. You will use this online dashboard to access all the live sessions and the breakouts.

You will also utilize the dashboard to access the conference content and resources, reach out to our technical and non-technical helpers, stay up to date on announcements, and more.

The dashboard is accessible by visiting An email with your USERNAME and PASSWORD was sent to the email address you used to register for the conference.


Remember: this is not your run-of-the-mill webinar or zoom session. This is a high-tech, live virtual conference experience. For you to get maximum return on your investment, you not only need to be logged in, you need to be fully, 100% present and engaged!

There are no replays (unless you purchase the recordings), so please make sure to block the time on your calendar and join us for all sessions over the course of these two days.


Being present is the best gift you can give yourself. Especially when you think about how challenging the last 12 months have been and the importance of arming yourself with the tools, strategies and insights that can help you ramp up your veteran recruiting efforts.

Here are a few practical things you can do:

  • Guard the time on your calendar rigorously.
  • Turn ON your email “out of office” message, just like you would if you were traveling to the conference in person.
  • Turn OFF email and social media notifications.
  • Set your phone to “DO NOT DISTURB.”
  • Plan in advance how to honor your “conference bubble” just as if you were on the road attending an event. (i.e. Don’t multi-task with house chores.)
  • Let others know to respect your time attending the conference, just as they would have, had you traveled in person to the event.
  • Resist the urge to write every last thing down. Instead, really connect to what the speakers are sharing and prioritize capturing your key actionable takeaways.

Most important of all, please keep this in mind: You are responsible for veteran recruiting and retention results at your company. Your company has invested in you attending this event. You deserve this time to work ON your veteran recruiting & retention strategy.


Since this is a live, highly INTERACTIVE conference experience, we ask that you enable your webcam during the sessions, so we can all see each other, connect with each other, and feel each other’s amazing energy! This step goes a long way to making this one of the most fun, most engaging, and most valuable virtual events you’ve ever attended.


We’ve all seen the funny “oops” moments circulating the internet. The infamous U.S. Supreme Court flush heard around the world. The weatherman with no pants. Accidentally turning on a filter that turns you into a potato or a cat. And other Zoom “fails.”

While we would love for the Veteran Recruiting Conference to go viral, that’s not the way to do it! ☺ When on camera, please be aware of what you’re wearing, what you’re doing, and your surroundings.

For example, if you need to move around your office or home, or use the washroom during the live sessions, and you decide to take your laptop with you so you can still hear us — please be sure to TURN YOUR AUDIO AND CAMERA OFF.


We highly encourage you to be active and enthusiastic in the Zoom chat area, in order to:

  • Engage with the content, speakers and other attendees.
  • Share your a-ha moments and breakthroughs.
  • Let us know what resonates with with you.
  • Let us know what you’ll be taking action on.
  • Ask your content-related questions.
  • Show the love for your fellow attendees and our guest speakers.

However, PLEASE REFRAIN from the following activities in the Zoom chat area:

  • Asking technology or other help desk type questions.
  • Making disparaging, disrespectful or unprofessional comments.

Additionally, if you have feedback that you’d like to share with The Value Of a Veteran team, please do so via the Conference Non-Technical Assistance page. 


Our team will be available to respond to client support questions via the Conference Non-Technical Assistance page, which can be accessed here or via the conference dashboard. Staff are available 9:30 am – 6:30 pm Eastern and our goal is to respond to inquiries within 15 minutes.


There will be specific opportunities throughout the conference to pose questions to Lisa Rosser (the conference host) and the guest speakers. Please write your questions down in your notebook so you have them handy for the designated Q&A sessions. Please be sure to state your questions succinctly.


To ensure the Veteran Recruiting Conference is a high-caliber experience from start to finish, we’ve invested in working with a highly experienced event production company that has honed the process of producing virtual conferences.

We’re broadcasting live from a real stage in Sterling, Virginia and our production team will be on site with us. Should we encounter any glitches, we’ll be able to address those quickly.

Please keep in mind, however, that we are not able to provide IT support to attendees for issues that are outside of what we can control on our end.

For Zoom-related issues, please click here to contact our Conference Technical Help Team, refer to the Zoom Help Center online and/or contact Zoom Support directly. We also recommend checking your internet speed and, if it’s slow, consider using an ethernet cable to connect directly to your router. That will give you a stronger, more stable connection from which to enjoy the conference.

Most of all, have fun and enjoy the conference!!


Team Value Of a Veteran